Who is eligible for a binding financial agreement

If you’re in a relationship, the idea of legally determining who should get what if that relationship was to break down is not a particularly romantic prospect. However in today’s world, it’s a reality that if a relationship does end, the division of assets and property can be messy and difficult, and a predetermined arrangement protects both parties from the stress of splitting assets after the fact.

Binding financial agreements (BFA) or prenuptial agreements as they are commonly known as are not, however, only available to couples getting married. Here’s a rundown of who is eligible for a BFA.FA.

-De facto couples. Today, the law recognises a whole variety of relationships, including de facto relationships involving two people who are not legally married and are not related by family but who live together in a relationship as a couple on a genuine domestic basis. Understanding your legal rights if you are in a de facto relationship is important, because partners in a de facto relationship now enjoy similar legal rights to married couples. De facto couples can therefore draw up BFA’s either before, during or after they start living in a defacto relationship that determines the financial agreement under which the relationship

When Buying My First Toronto Condo, What Financial Costs AND Incentives apply to my Purchase

When Buying My First Toronto Condo, What Financial Costs AND Incentives apply to my Purchase?

First time home buyers are consistently surprised by the “extra” costs involved in buying their first house or condo – usually when the buyer decides not to use a Realtor – or worse, their Realtor or Real Estate Lawyer has not properly informed them of all the costs involved. Your Realtor should inform you of all the possible costs involved in the purchase so that you are not left holding an unexpected load of expenses come closing time. The good news is that in Toronto, first time buyers are also offered a ton of incentives to make it more feasible for them to finally get that beautiful Toronto house or condo of their own.


1) First time Toronto House OR Condo Buyers are entirely EXEMPT from having to pay the new Toronto Land Transfer Tax on any amount below $400,000!

2) First time Toronto House OR Condo Buyers are given a REBATE on the Ontario Land Transfer Tax up to $2000. Ask your MyCondoNewtork.com rep for more info on the details of obtaining this rebate.

3) On a new House or Condo, GST is included in the price, but

What to Expect From Financial Innovation in the Future

Today we face rapid changes in financial services. Several key forces lie behind this transformation, including technological and financial innovation, consolidation, globalization, and customer demand. Each has important implications for the future. I’d like to share with you some thoughts about just one of these changes — technological innovation — because I think it will have such far-reaching effects.

In many ways, the current technological revolution is best characterized by the explosion in information technology. In his book, The Road Ahead, Bill Gates of Microsoft writes: “What characterizes this period in history is the completely new ways in which information can be changed and manipulated, and the increasing speeds at which we can handle it.”

Let me go back to my opening point about gigabytes. You’ll recall those are the eight billion bits of digital information I told you not to worry about. You probably don’t think about gigabytes every day, but they’re hard at work for you all the time. Computing power is a prime example of how quickly things change in this world.

Every 18 months, the cost of computing power falls by half. Experts call this phenomenon Moore’s law. Now let’s put this in perspective. If we wait about the

What to do for checking out the financial problem of healthcare firm immediately

Often people face problem of capital while regulating the business. A wrong or immature decision of entrepreneur can throw the entire business regime in the clutches of financial problem. People related to healthcare department must take utmost care of the respected industry else it can face multiple issues related to the validity of products. It would be better for the person related to the health care industry to hire the services of expert who would help him and make him out of the critical financial situation.

Your search for such expert advisor ends with the internet. Over the digital platform of the internet an entity is active that offers services for the firms that is facing financial problems. They offer their services at unbeatable cost. They have instant solution of every problem. One can hire their services for the betterment of his firm. One can hire their services through their website.

They are one of the best health care consulting firms. Their services are for the industries related to pharmaceuticals, medicines and other health care system. They are the one who will judge the proper working of your firm and try to deduce the unseen risk prevailing in path of business growth.

Weighted Average Cost Of Capital (wacc) A New Tool For Better Investment Decision Making

When making investment decisions, the risk level of the investment should always be compared against the expected return. The challenge in this process is evaluating the riskiness of the company being investigated. One tool often used by financial analysts is the Weighted Average Cost of Capital.

The WACC is defined as the expected rate of return from a company’s investments, weighted by the proportion of each to the overall capital structure. The capital, such as common and preferred stock, along with the expected return from the capital is considered, along with any debt, and the cost of that debt. The two figures are then weighted by their proportion to the overall capital, to come up with a single number.

A weighted average cost of capital (WACC) calculation is complex. Outsiders may need help calculating one on their own. To help, there are free WACC discount rate calculations available. Different calculations may come to different conclusions, but they should generally agree.

A WACC cost of capital calculation is best when used to make investment decisions. Low WACC calculations assume there are low debt and equity costs. Debt cost less for companies in good financial health and favorable credit markets. Equity cost more for volatile

We Want Entrepreneurs Exhaust All Financial Aid Offered by the Government of Cospedal

Highlight the gradual increase in the number of autonomous, corporations and the decline for third consecutive month of unemployment data

Spain, June 12, 2013 – The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the regional executive, Carmen Home, said today that the Law on Entrepreneurs, both in its regional and national responds to the needs of entrepreneurs and help accelerate the development of our economy.

In this regard, he said that there were many obstacles that previously prevented the employer was launched to start a business, but now, thanks to the measures taken, any entrepreneur can start your project with a simple communication prior or statement charge, making all the arrangements in the same website, you will not risk all their personal assets and pay VAT on invoices that have not been collected. In his view, these measures will contribute to that those entrepreneurs who had doubts, definitely are launched into the world of entrepreneurship.

On trade, Casero said the Governments objective is Cospedal modernize the sector and increase competitiveness. As an example of this commitment, Casero recalled the launch of two lines worth 2.5 million euros to cover the cost of salaries for workers who are employed by small businesses during the

Warning Of Quran Against Usury And Interest Based Financial Systems

When people say Islam bestows humanity with a comprehensive action plan regarding every field and aspect of life, it really means every aspect of it! Though this might sound too much to many people based upon their so much information about so many things, but the most important factor they undermine while coming up with such a conclusion is their lack of knowledge regarding the solution Islam offers.

Yes, this happens to be one of the biggest reasons behind people’s disagreement with Islam, i.e. they simply do not know much about Islam. Most of their decisions are based upon biasness against Islam, influenced by mass media campaigns portraying Islam against the truest of its teachings.

Talking of solutions Islam provides about different aspects of life, financial management is one of the major of those. We see countries all around the world following the conventional banking system based on -interest (usury)- which is against the teachings of Islam.

The following verse clearly defines Quran teaching about it:

Al-Baqara [2:275] Those who devour usury will not stand except as stands one whom the Evil One by his touch hath driven to madness. That is because they say: “Trade is like usury, but Allah hath permitted trade